【For General Foreigners】Sushi Experience & Culture / 寿司体験と文化


Sushi Experience & Culture

Watch a knife performance by a pro chef and learn how to use Japanese knives when making sushi!

Prepare 7 nigiri and sushi roll with a real chef, and enjoy a scrumptious meal with miso soup, green tea, and sake tasting
Watch the chef make tamagoyaki (rolled egg omelet) for you to enjoy!

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【Experience Details】

”What makes sushi truly good?”

Perhaps what first comes to mind is fresh fish, crisp seaweed, or fluffy rice seasoned with just the right amount of vinegar, all of which are undoubtedly important.

But there’s also a tool involved: a sharp knife to cut sushi toppings precisely and enhance their flavors.

In Japan, knives evolved from blacksmith techniques used for making katana swords, and to this day, Japanese knives are revered by chefs of diverse cuisines, fascinating and inspiring food connoisseurs worldwide. When it comes to sushi, a sharp knife to cut sashimi and toppings is a must-have in the kitchen.

In this sushi-making class in central Tokyo, you will learn what goes into sushi-making from an expert chef, and learn to make your own nigiri and sushi rolls. You’ll also learn an overview of the history of sushi and its cultural significance.

Our Master Japanese Kinfe, your teacher Mr. Kawamoto shows all technic and You will also learn more about the cultural aspects of sushi, including in Japanese and translated in English


本物のシェフと一緒ににぎり 7 貫と巻き寿司を握り、味噌汁、緑茶、日本酒の試飲とともにおいしい食事をお楽しみください。





日本では、ナイフは刀の製造に使用される鍛冶技術から進化し、今日に至るまで、日本のナイフはさまざまな料理のシェフによって尊敬されており、世界中の食通を魅了し、インスピレーションを与えています。 寿司に関して言えば、刺身やネタを切るための鋭いナイフはキッチンの必需品です。

東京の中心部にあるこの寿司作り教室では、熟練のシェフから寿司作りの手順を学び、自分でにぎりや巻き寿司を作る方法を学びます。 また、寿司の歴史とその文化的重要性の概要についても学びます。